Portable libreoffice - can I limit font choice to those on the drive?

I would like to use LibreOffice (portableapps version) in a way that I knew would work consistently wherever I was. At the moment if I create something at home it may look very different when I get to work and v.v… One solution (pending embedded fonts if ever) seems to be to put a selection of free fonts in the portableapps shared font directory and only use those. The trouble is they are mixed in with system fonts in the writer font menu. That means I have to remember which fonts are portable and which are not (which is beyond me).

I had hoped I could change the fonts path to only look on the portable drive but there is no font entry in the paths settings.

I also wondered if there was a way to hide some fonts or group them in the drop down but again no sign.

So, is there a way? Can I customise the font list in any way to only show the ones I want?


While I don’t think it is possible to group the fonts listed in the menu, or to restrict LibO Portable to read only the fonts from its own fonts folder, it should be noted that, starting with LibO 4.1,

[Writer](http://www.libreoffice.org/download/4-1-new-features-and-fixes/#Writer Embed Font), [Calc](http://www.libreoffice.org/download/4-1-new-features-and-fixes/#Calc Embed Font) and [Impress](http://www.libreoffice.org/download/4-1-new-features-and-fixes/#Impress Embed Font) now allow embedding fonts in their documents.


On the other hand, it seems to me that, for portability issues, you would use only the fonts that are part of the Operating System (provided you move your files only between machines with the same OS).

If using different OS, you could copy from the OS to the portable font folder those fonts that are of your interest to carry around.

Finally, you can also count on font equivalences (see, e.g., here and here).

Now, to use only the LibreOffice fonts, you can set a template which uses by default only the fonts installed by LibreOffice on your portable fonts folder.

Of course, you can copy whichever additional fonts you like to your portable fonts folder, and use them in your template.

For more information, read the LibreOffice Writer Guide, in particular Chapters 7 “Working with Styles” and 10 “Working with Templates in Writer”.

As ever with (any) software your suggestions all come really close to what i want but don’t quite do it all! I hadn’t realised about embedding so I’ll give that ago and it may be the best solution.

For the others the fonts which come as standard with Windows do not excite me;-) If I was able to just use the portable ones I can use fonts I like everywhere without accidentally choosing one which is not also on the other system. Thanks for some useful info though.

Try also setting a template using exclusively the fonts installed in your portable device. See my expanded answer.