Problems when saving & loading Writer documents with SVG images

Hello, fellows. Thanks for the opportunity to ask in this forum.

I have a Writer document into which I need to insert several SVG images created with Inkscape.

When I insert a SVG image it renders perfectly on screen. I can zoom in and out and all the vector properties of the image are fully preserved. Furthermore, when I export the document as PDF, the resulting image in the generated PDF file also looks fantastic. So far, so perfect!

The problem is when I save the Writer document (containing the SVG image), close it and reopen it - the original SVG image is apparently rendered, and very, very poorly!

I have spent quite some time investigating if Writer converts a SVG image to some other format when a document is saved, or if the problem resides in the document opening process. No success…

I am using LibreOffice Images are created with Inkscape 1.0.1 and saved as Inkscape SVG files. I have already tried saving the original SVG images as ‘Plain SVG’, EPS etc. with no success.

Any help is welcome! Thank you all in advance.

Did you save the document as .odt? or some foreign format that cannot contain svg? Saved as .odt closed and re-opened cropped and expanded to 700% I still see smooth lines. Win 10 2004, LO7.0.3.1

Thank you so much, Earnest AI. Problem solved!

I was saving the document as .docx (Word 2007-365), and most likely losing my SVG in this process. Saving in .docx is something I must live with for compatibility reasons, unfortunately… Just saved the same document as .odt, closed, reopened it and the SVG image was there, nice and intact!

Again, many thanks for your prompt reply!

I will close the discussion. Again, thank you!

You’ve probably realised now that you should always save in native format and do a save as for foreign formats. That way you keep everything safe