problems with conditional format

I’ve been learning the use of free office for a few days and it’s a wonder, but I can not do the following … I have a super simple spreadsheet at the moment, and I’m testing the conditional format, basically I want it to say, for example, HELLO in all the spreadsheet I put it in warning …

I select the entire spreadsheet, then I go to format, conditional … The value of the cell is: Contains and I put HELLO, in applying style I put for example warning … I give it to add and accept … but it does not happen nothing, you put in warning the red highlights … but nothing, someone who can help me ???


First insure Data - Calculate - AutoCalculate is enabled.

Then if you are comparing text, in the condition surround it with quotes - "HELLO"

This works on Ubuntu 18.04 using LO v6.2.0.3

Hello!!! Dear friend, following your instructions works 100%, I just miss the “” "thank you very much for your response, I will continue testing to migrate definitely, it is a great tool! My next step will be to open a spreadsheet of Microsoft Excel 2016 with calc … we will see if it works well, any doubt I will be writing, a greeting

forgive me for my English, I am Spanish and my English level is basic, but I try to improve: d

as issue is solved just check ‘correct’ for the answer and add [solved - needed right formatting] to the title …