Problems with creating web banner in Draw (svg export)

I’m trying to create a new banner for a website that I’m webmaster for.

I’ve had a play in Draw, creating a banner that is 22X2.9 cm with a nice gradient background, and the main text with shadows, etc. The problem is that when I look at the banner in Firefox, my nice green gradient has morphed into a
solid black background.

Open SuSE 13.2 – LibreOffice Version: Build ID: 430m0(Build:2) (all English, though, it being Australia, I use the UK dictionaries and a US keyboard)

I’d attach the file but I lack the requisite karma
So these links should work: The vector graphic version

lVFMC-banner.odg The original LibreOffice Draw file



In the test I did, apparently when exported to gif, it has no distortion in the image, but for svg it has.

It works flawlessly in Version: / Mac.

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Simple mistake. For some reason your .ODG has both “None” and “Gradient” selected as the page’s background (Format > Page Properties...). I clicked on “None” to deactivate it and exported to .SVG and lo and behold it works in Firefox AND in Chrome.

BTW, @Don_from_Au , that’s a pretty old version of LO. Any reason for not upgrading?

When the question was posted, it wasn’t that old :wink:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Mike, I hadn’t even noticed! It was up on the front page so I had a look. Poor guy…he probably figured it out for himself FOUR YEARS AGO!!