Problems with dark theme and fonts preview (Libreoffice 7.0)

I have Libreoffice 7.0 (Opensuse Tumbleweed). When I use the Breeze Light Theme, Writer shows the fonts preview without problems (in the drop-down menu, white background and black fonts). But when I use the Breeze Dark Theme, the drop-down menu fails: white fonts (in fact, light grey) with white background. When I disable de fonts preview in LO the drop-down menu looks normal (dark background with white fonts, obviously without preview). ¿How can I fix this problem? Thank you all.

Edited: Here’s a screenshot of how the problem looks:


(edit: activated screenshot)

Do you know LibreOffice 7.0.0 is a prerelease version?

See: Bugzilla and Test Pre-releases and enter your Problem there, please.

But when I use the dark theme

Where? LibreOffice’s dark theme or KDE’s dark theme (e.g. Breeze dark) or both dark (the latter is the only variant making almost everything dark but still shows a strange left panel menu in LibreOffice’s start center - use breeze dark icon style in LibreOffice as well)?

Thank you for your answer. I use (only) the KDE’s dark theme (Breeze). Also, I use the dark icon style in LO (and the icons looks great). The problem is only with the fonts preview (when I press the font menu to display the fonts list). It’s happens in Writer and Impress.

I use (only) the KDE’s dark theme (Breeze)

This won’t look good, if you don’t use Tools -> Options -> Personalization -> [o] Preinstalled Themes: Dark (righmost theme in the first row) as well.

I follow your steps (Dark Breeze Theme + LO Dark Theme) but the problem persist. I edited the original post to add a screenshot of how the problem looks.

Thank you all

Seemingly builtin themes by LibreOffice is not so comprehensive, it won’t modify drop-down menu on my installation either (same, openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE Breeze dark theme). I tried to change Aplication Colors but that’s also won’t give significant options regarding to menus. Font and paragraph style drop-down menu works next to the font style one so it’s definitely some incompatibility in LibreOffice. Also it appears in its other applications where font style drop-down menu is given, Calc. I’d check on Bugzilla reports also.

  1. Install Kvantum Manager
    2. In Kvantum Manager go to the → Application Themes option
    3. Select the theme from “Installed theme” menu e.g. KvBlender
    4. Put soffice.bin in the Application app window
    5. Press save
    6. Select kvantum as the ‘Application Style’ via KDE Plasma settings

It could be one of the workaround although I like to use KDE default set and given app should work with any given system theme by default. If there is an issue it should be fixed and seemingly they did it on current upgrade on openSUSE.

Libreoffice 7.0.1
Kubuntu 20.04 Breeze Dark Theme
I confirm the problem

This doesn’t solve the problem, hence it is not an answer but an additional comment

Having the same issue on Manjaro KDE, Breeze Dark theme. I haven’t tried others themes.

This doesn’t solve the problem, hence it is not an answer but an additional comment

I’m writing not a solution but the fact that seemingly it’s solved on current upgrade on openSUSE Tumbleweed. Thanks!
openSUSE Tumbleweed 20201014

I confirm the problem, changing theme don’t helps.