Problems with fonts

To start with: I’m a fan of Ubuntu, but I never had the time to really learn how to work with it, so I just do the basic things, no idea how the terminal works, no idea how to import or install things.
When I write documents in LibreOffice, the format, fonts, etc. get lost when someone else opens the document in Word. Tried to avoid this by saving them in pdf, but the results are not satisfying either, fonts get lost. Do I have to install fonts used by Word? Are there fonts available that are recognized by any program, printers included?
Thanks in advance!

Nina, you can install fonts Times New Roman, Arial and Tahoma in Ubuntu.

Open Terminal and type command:

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

enter your password (it will don’t shows) and press key Enter

after all operations, you can use this fonts for your documents and windows user with MS Word will open it correctly

The second way:

If you have installed WINE for running some Windows programs on Ubuntu you could install the Powerpoint Viewer. It is to download from different sites, but no more from Microsoft (PowerPoint Viewer has been retired.)

The installation of the viewer contains a broad range of fonts which are often used in Microsoft Office; read the installation directives attentively and be aware not to break any copyright rights.

The font problem exists from the beginning of computers.

You can save document with fonts. Menu → File->Properties then TAB fonts.

You can also either install your free fonts to target computers or find which ones they have and install them. Proprietary fonts will be a problem.

Missing formats depends on missing fonts. So If you try to use only fonts that exist in both computers you will be fine. Also most (if not all) of your fonts are free so you can install them in the target computers. Try changing all default fonts to fonts existing in target computers.

You can install msttcorefonts and use them (accepting some EULA). You can also try this for some vista fonts.