Problems with rendering vertical text in charts - unreadable text with no anti-aliasing


I’ve ran into a problem that is currently hindering my work a bit.

Whenever I create charts in LO Calc, everything is fine until I add vertical text on Y axels. It becomes unreadable, almost like it has no anti-aliasing at all.

Unreadable in Calc

I doubt that it is system dependent as I have encountered this problem with my desktop PC and my laptop. My laptop had an older version of LibreOffice and upgrading to the newest possible LibreOffice didn’t help.

This problem also occurs when exporting the created chart as an image file. But when I save the chart as an ODF Chart (.odc) file, the text renders without problem in “LibreOffice Chart”.

OS? Specific LO version? (“Newest possible” is not an arabic number.) A sample file?

Windows 10 Home. LO 5.4.3. On both desktop and laptop.

My laptop had an older version, 5.3.x branch. The problem still occurs even after upgrading.

The GPUs aren’t same, so I think it’s unlikely to be a driver issue.

I will upload some sample files and provide a link.

You can find sample files in Google Drive. Cheers.

Reproduced with current master with OpenGL enabled (no problem with it disabled).

Please file a bug report.

I’ve filed a bug report.

Thank you!