problems with wiki login

I’ve not used the LO wiki for some time, and now can’t log in to it. I tried every combination of usernames, email addresses and passwords and was told that my credentials were incorrect. I assumed that there’s some sort of expiry date.

So I created a new account. Got the email authorising it and clicked on the URL therein. Try to log in - “User cannot be authenticated”.

Anyone here got any idea how to get into the wiki to edit a page? Or how to contact someone who’s in charge of the wiki to get them to help sort it out?

Please connect to #tdf-infra on FreeNode to discuss your problem.

I had also been running into this “User cannot be authenticated” error.

Tonight when I tried again, I was finally able to login.

First click Log in here in the upper right corner

Takes you to this

Create an account or change your password here.

Once you have that done, I think the trick is to go back to the first screen above and login.

What was tripping me up was:

When I changed my password, and I got the 2nd email confirming that it had been changed, I didn’t know what to do next???

So I was then going back to this screen that was still open and hitting the blue button below, which took me to a dead end:

Where the first of the two links is broken.

Thanks for the help.

I now seem to be able to log in OK without doing any of this. Possibly a glitch in the LO wiki login service? I don’t understand it, but as it’s working I’m not complaining!