profile cleared intermittently every few months

Profile cleared intermittently every few months.

  • Saved all documents fine.
  • Closed all applications
  • shutdown machine.
  • launch LibreOffice

    -recent documents cleared

    -[…censored…] been reset to inches (not centremetres)

    - custom hotkeys gone. (shouldn’t have to save them every to file every five minutes);

    - upon launch - dialog box with “following files will be recovered” - list is empty

    - LO splash screen keeps repeating.

    - kill soffice.bin and relaunch and starts working, but everything still blank.

    - happening intermittently every 3 months or so.
  • LO profile […censored…] / blank. - which makes it an aggrivating sloppy diseased […censored…] !!

Working fine for many months then profile is cleared. Do I really have to employ multiple manual backups of LibreOffice every couple of days? This functionality should be self contained - ie. start LO in safe mode and have a list of profile states (and opening up that profile state does not destroy the prevous profile states – like a chain of states or snapshots).

- Please build a historical profile recovery system into libreoffice. - eg, version control. file->versions

Version: (x64) / LibreOffice Community
Build: f6099ecf3d29644b5008cc8f48
User Interface: U| render: Skia/ Raster; VCL: win
Locale: en-US (en_US); Ul: en-GB
Misc: Calc: CL;a=log;h=f6099ecf3d29644b5008cc8f48f42f4a40986e4c

(trivialities removed by ajlittoz in description and tags)

There is absolutely no need to be vulgar and trivial when exposing frustration. Since LO is stable for the majority of users, the explanation lies probably in some specificty of your configuration. Unfortunately there are not enough technical details in your complaint to guess the cause.

Why do you link to the LO git repository?

Opened up the menu Help → About Libroffice menu the info comes up.
Version: (x64) / LibreOffice Community
Build: f6099ecf3d29644b5008cc8f4…

but the build is not listed in its entirety it seems truncated as evident with “…”. I did not click the “copy” button but instead right-clicked on the hyperlinked hex build number and copied to clipboard, which lead me to…;a=log;h=f6099ecf3d29644b5008cc8f48f42f4a40986e4c

With Git, you need not use the full SHA-xxx id as long as the prefix is unique. Usually 8 hexadecimal digits are enough to guarantee unicity. Since the build field lists only a git commit id, I would assume you took your LO copy from the TDF site. However, pay special attention to the comments. IMHO, 7.1.x is still considered experimental. The current stable version is the 7.0.5 series. If you upgraded recently, they may have wiped out your user profile. All the more as you are under Window$ because this OS always tries to play proprietary tricks on your back.

I have upgraded live for years without losing my user profile.

Working fine for many months then profile is cleared.

… cleared by yourself (never faced LibreOffice deleting the profile on its own, even if it gets unusable)