Program Launch fail

I use a MacBook Pro, OSX 10.12 Sierra, just installed.

Downloaded the latest LibreOffice version. I double-clicked on the icon in the Applications menu, after “verifying” it, and asking “do I want to open this, this is a program from the internet” I clicked open and it launched and I was able to access the existing files. But when placed the Application in the Dock by grabbing the icon and moving it to the Dock, when I click on the icon in the Dock, nothing happens, no applications launch. Returning to Applications folder, double-clicking on the icon in the folder, nothing happens, no launch.

The only way I can launch the application is by installing again and again, and it will open one time.
Any fixes?

Could be a manifestation of bug :

What would you suggest? I actually got it to open, once, in a meeting when I most needed it. Should I uninstall it, and do a fresh install? the OS upgrade was very new when I downloaded the Libre installer, maybe it’s been debugged?