Promote / demote chapter resets navigator

When I use the navigator to promote or demote a chapter, each time I click the promote or demote button, navigator resets. So if I want to change chapter 24 to chapter 4, it means I have to expand headings, find my chapter, click promote and repeat the procedure 20 times.

To avoid this tedious process I have to click “content view”, then headings stay and I can even drag and drop.

Why do I have to enable content view? To me it would make more sense if I start working on headings, headings keep expanded.

I’m using Version:, but I think this behaviour applies to all versions.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I’m on Ubuntu Studio 13.10

There does appear to be problems with Navigator functions when moving content about. I seem able to move chapters OK using the “Promote/Demote Chapter” buttons in the Navigator (without turning on Content View) using v4.1.4.2 under GNU/Linux. Open bugs related to “navigator+chapter” include:

  • fdo#42786, Dragging Chapters with Navigator works wrong
  • fdo#43438, Rearranging Chapters Using the Navigator does not Work with Documents which are Opened Read-only
  • fdo#58186, Navigator is not Updated, if a Chapter Move (in the navigator) is Undone in the document (with Undo)
  • fdo#58187, Unintended Collapse of Headings in Navigator while moving a chapter
  • fdo#58189, Wrong Chapter Moves with the Navigator
  • fdo#58191, A “+” is Displayed Incorrectly at the Mouse Pointer while Moving a Chapter inside the Navigator: copying is not available, only moving

That bug 58187 accurately describes my situation. Also the “workaround” in comment #9 works for me.