Protect sheet with password

I need to block total access to a sheet.

Ex. Open calc document in sheet1 and if someone try to change to sheet2 block access with password.

Can someone help me?

Sorry for my poor English.

You may protect any sheet using the submenu item ‘Protect Sheet…’ either using the context menu of its tab or via the main menu item ‘Tools’.
Please note that the protection with a password done this way is weak. It can be removed from the file by means every interested user may know. It just is working in the opened document.

I want to expressly state that I don’t know what the strange second submenu item ‘Protect Spreadsheet…’ under the main menu item ‘Tools’ should be good for.
I now would judge this is what formerly was labeled more clearly ‘Protect Document’, and should even better be called ‘Protect Sheet Properties’. (See also my comment below.)

Thanks for your answer, but what a pretend is avoid open that sheet, not only protect sheet edition! Or in last resource, block edition for forms control like combo box or list box.

From the OQ: “Open document in sheet1 and if someone try to change to sheet2 block access with password.” Here the ‘Protect Spreadsheet…’ option comes in. If you hide a sheet and after that activate that option (using a passwiord) the sheet cannot be shown again, and thus also not entered.

Since this may be a sensitive subject concerning security I would like to state that I still don’t feel sure to understand the question correctly.

Anyway this kind of protection is weak.

Unfortunately that solution don’t work for me. I need sheet2 stay visible, but if someone click on it appears some type of block, preferred lock access and only unlock only by introduce password.

I meanwhile ceased to believe I understood what you want to achieve. Please explain what you actually want to protect/hide and for what reason. There might be better ways than those you are thinking of.
“Total access” will be blocked by default for protected sheets. What kinds of access, precisely, do you want to block?

I intent to create a document with two sheet that ill be used by many people. In sheet1 I want insert some kind of form to people fill in and in sheet2 I want to insert some configuration commands(combo box and list box whit macro association), this commands I want restrict access only to people that know what are doing, without destroying anything important. I don’t need high security level, because a don’t need to hide nothing I only want avoid document destruction.

If you protect a sheet the cells are protected on the level you chose under ‘Format Cells…’ > ‘Cell Protection’. In addition you can prevent the selection of protected cells or of all the cells of the sheet when switching on the sheet protection. Form controls will also be protected against editing but not against being used. If you want to disallow usage of controls you have to hide or to disable them.

I find something very close to what I want. I already edit something but I’m block e two situations: in password verification and send back to sheet1 if password is wrong.


  ' Criar o diálogo
  oDialog = CreateUnoService("")
  oDialogModel = CreateUnoService("")
  oDialogModel.setPropertyValues( _
    Array("Height","PositionX","PositionY","Title","Width"), _
    Array(50,200,150,"Insira a sua senha",100))

  ' Criar a caixa de texto (oEditModel) que receberá a senha.
  oEditModel = oDialogModel.createInstance("")
  oEditModel.setPropertyValues( _
    Array("EchoChar","Height","PositionX","PositionY","Width"), _
    Array(asc("*"),15,5,5,90) )
  oEditModel.EchoChar = asc("*")

  ' Criar o botão "Cancelar" e o botão "Ok"
  oOKButton = oDialogModel.createInstance("")
  oOKButton.setPropertyValues( _
    Array("DefaultButton","Height","Label","PositionX","PositionY","PushButtonType","Width"), _
  oCancelButton = oDialogModel.createInstance("")
  oCancelButton.setPropertyValues( _
    Array("Height","Label","PositionX","PositionY","PushButtonType","Width"), _
  oSheet = ThisComponent.Sheets.getByName("sheet1")

  If oDialog.execute() = 1 Then AND 'I can't make password verification in here'
      oSheet  'In here a need to send back to sheet1 if password is invalid'
  End If

End Sub

Would you mind to show me to the statement(s) in the above code actually changing the state of protection?
Would you mind to tell me how you understood the line
If oDialog.execute() = 1 Then AND 'I can't make password verification in here'

In my opnion you only have a completely superfluous dialog without any relevant functionality. By what are you committed to complicated solutions instead of using simple ones? Calc sheets come with a password dialog!

What do you expect to achieve by obscure “macros” what you don’t get by the standard means I pointed you to?