Protected cells can be selected when file is downloaded


This seems a bit strange.
When I choose to protect a sheet with a password, and untick in front of “select protected cells”, those protected cells rightly don’t get selected. They get skipped, and the first unprotected cell in the row gets selected. This helps users and save their time when typing in allowed cells.
But, when I save then close, then re-open the file later, or move the file to a different folder, or if I upload that file to my blog, then download it to test whether its working as intended, those protected cells can now be selected! they don’t get skipped like it happens in the original before closing it.

If however I unprotect then re-protect the same sheet, the skipping works again… until I close then re-open the file. Is that how it is, or am I doing something wrong?

Do you know why is that please? how can I keep those protected cells un-selectable?

PS. I’m saving the files in ods extension. Should I save them in any other format for this to work correctly?

Please, what is your LibreOffice version?