Publishing available yet?

Scribus won’t work with iMac 5k OS Catalina 10.15.
Any ideas?

Since when has Scribus become a part of LibreOffice?! Downvoting both the question and the answer.

I never said it did. My first posted Q, and I get the rude person. Oh well.

@gabix: I see your point. We don’t want to be a catch-all support site. However, I disagree with the implication that this question was out of bounds.

From my point of view:

  • The question was “Publishing available yet?”.
  • Implied (by posting here): "… in (or in conjunction to) the LibreOffice suite … ".
  • My initial answer (in a hurry) was “Update Scribus.”
  • Implied: “LibreOffice does not provide any specialised DTP app.”

I elaborated on this in my answer when I had the time.

Also, in the documentation for Scribus you find a lot of advice on working with Scribus and the suite in parallel. LibreOffice is one fork from the project, and the advice applies to using LibreOffice, too.

An office suite does not exist in an isolated universe, but with other applications and standards which are not “LibreOffice natives”. (SQL-servers for Base, PDF export, etc.)

Upvoted your comment because it may need some attention in guidelines for the site.

No, there is no good DTP application, and AFAIK no plans to integrate one into LibreOffice. Writer has the option to link frames, and to adjust the wrap contour of objects. Automated linkage/forwarding is not available. Workable for small publications, but definitely limited.

Update Scribus to 1.5.5. That version should work, according to their support forums, and it works wel in conjunction with LibreOffice.

Thanks. I’ll try it.

It worked. THANKS!! :rose:

It’s a nice addition to LO.
Thanks again!