Pull data and display

I am trying to grow a structure, and ran into complications:

I am listing a variety of data in a database-like format, and would like to repeatedly and easily pull data therefrom, presenting it in a neat and simple way - forming a process-able text-document.

While keeping consumption as low as possible; better with less complicated approaches, less usage of overpowered tools hereunder document types etc…

Say I list a set of phonenumbers, or stock-inventory items for random evaluation or further action.

Calc spreadsheet with various data-segments, content updated more often than daily.

The systemic image I hold in mind

  1. Once every now and then, I would like to pull random segments of the data into a separate document - where it is displayed in an easily read-able manner (a simple txt document)

  2. Every day shaping an updated display of the data (in a printable/easily viewable document)
    2.1. Repeatedly pulling from the same data-fields, while it may be that the data changed since the day before
    2.2. Randomly pulling a few data-fields from within a range
    2.3. Manually pulling a few data-fields from within a range

Methods I came across

  • Using &randbetween() within calc, to generate several fields with randomly selected data - and then pulling from those fields
  • Turning the calc-document into a BASE file, then using libreoffice writer, under “view” selecting data-sources
  • Something about “OLE” objects?
  • Calc doc into a BASE-database, then querying the database for specific fields using an external system - manually selecting the range
  • Doing this quite manually (extensively time-consuming) - automating only parts, building towards a kind of prompt

Issues: Updating the data-flow, presenting the data in an easily read-able format, field-locations within the calc-spreadsheet may change, shaping feedback without manually opening the spreadsheet and editing the data - somehow queuing a digest

Usage scenarios

Imagine replacing the random number generator source, with an AI-component that selects a few items, then displays the items. Could be designed to answer “what is the most important tasks to work on today?” - allowing the AI to prioritize its personal task-list (or assisting another AI/human-component in a work-flow).

How can the intended process be made readily useful?