punctuation characters changing to Chinese

Copying from Impress to Writer, I’m suddenly getting Chinese characters for certain punctuation characters–the em dash and single quote markers. I’m saving in ‘native’ formats, .odp and .odt respectively. I just updated yesterday to from 6.0.6. The documents were started on the earlier version. Any idea what’s going wrong? Is this a bug with 6.1?

Just to add: I noticed that when I copy from Impress to Writer, the paragraph style in Writer changes–to something that looks German! :stuck_out_tongue: So in my Styles I now have things like: Default~LT~Gliederung 1, Default~LT~Hintergrund, Default~LT~Notizen, Default~LT~Titel and Untertitel… The Style in Impress is simply Notes. That doesn’t seem quite right!