PureText inconsistency with Writer

I use this handy utility (PureText) all the time to paste unformatted text into various programs.

I just started using Writer, and there is some odd behavior happening.

I will paste the text and it will register with PureText that my keyboard command was received, but the text won’t appear in Writer.

It is not consistent. The text appears maybe 80% of the time, but then the other 20% it doesn’t appear.

I thought that perhaps it was because there was a hotkey already defined within LibreOffice / Writer that conflicted with my global shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + V). I discovered that there was something assigned to that (paste special dialogue) within LibreOffice, so I removed that hotkey.

Even still… the behavior persists. I understand that there is a hotkey within Writer to paste unformatted text, and I may resort to that, but I would much rather have the ability to use my handy utility that works with every other program on my machine consistently!


Yep I’m aware of that. I reference it in my final paragraph. It is difficult to press all four keys with one hand. Plus I’m very used to my PureText application and the global hotkey it uses.

This issue appears to be documented on the bug report site.

As you mentioned in bug 62196 comment 130, you use LO 7.1.1; and the clipboard handling on Windows problem was resolved in LO 7.1.2 (tdf#136175). Please upgrade.