Put a bibliographic input as a cross reference and keep it saved in the document

Hello all, how are you?, I’m just joining to the LibreOffice forum. I’m doing a thesis and I need to insert a bibliography but I need every input numbered and formated like this:

[1] Vinton G. Cerf (1997). Breve
historia de la Internet [Artículo en
línea]. Internet Society. Disponible:
[Consulta: 2017, Septiembre 9].

and I need the number [1] as a cross reference to insert in the body of the thesis, how can I do that?, because right now I’m doing it manually (not by inserting a bibliographic index). I mean, writing thre bibliographic by the “old method” and establishing the cross reference manually too through the cross reference menu.

…Almost forgot, once I’ve inserted the cross reference (after created) and moved the file to another computer with LibreOffice installed, the reference exists in the bodyof the document and if I click it it sends me to the origin of the reference but the reference doesn’t exists in the field of establish reference (cross reference menu).

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Thank you for the clarification and I’m sorry for the mistake

Download a third-party bibliography tool such as Zotero. The installer will add a plugin for LibreOffice.

I have used Zotero for large (100+ pages) documents, and many of my colleagues have used it for theses and dissertations.

Regarding the entry format, find a citation style that matches your requirements. There are thousands of different styles available. If none of them quite match, then create a custom style.