Python in calc (not macro)

Hi all,

I am probably late knowing about python in Excel.
it looked very useful, at least for me.

It would be nice if we can have that in LO calc (do we?).
Since both (python and LO) are open source, sounds more match to me.

Just opinion. Thank you.
(i’m sorry if i miss something)

Did you think about searching this site for topics about python? I think you will find a lot of information.

No, I didn’t. Thank you for the information.

Check out OOO Development Tools (OooDev) as well. Also available as an Extension for LibreOffice.

Definitely something interesting! Thanks.

I don’t find a feature request to support the new Excel’s PY spreadsheet function. Given that Python is used widely in LibreOffice (some internal functions even depend on it; and it is e.g. bundled in Windows package, and is a requirement for Linux installs), it would be possible - but not trivial. We even have an infrastructure to pass data between Python and UNO - so representing results of Python expressions in Calc would be likely not too difficult.

It is definitely possible to implement it as an extension. Something in the lines of this one.

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Hi Mike,

Should we request? (question in relax tone)
It’s pretty common (i think) for more serious* work or for those data-analyst (i’m not, but i know some friends) to use Matlab, Python etc.
The available tools/library on those software programs makes data analysis more efficient.
This is also the reason I don’t often use spreadsheet, unless for something simple.
In fact, in python, the Pandas library was made such that it can mimic a spreadsheet.

Now is the other way around, the proprietary software uses the available wonderful open-source materials. It certainly looks appealing to me and probably a good long-term strategy for MS, that is
making the Excel more appealing to data-analyst and thus widening their “market”/user.

To think about it, does LO need to increase their “market”?
What i see from LibreCAD (i love this software, really), when there’s less user/demand, less developer will work on this, the software left with a lot of bug, makes more users give-up on this, and so on.
LO is very popular, certainly will be on Linux machine (to some extend Mac) and far away to that kind of condition. I’m not an expert or anything, but still, I think it is a smart strategy for MS.

Before, I was looking/hoping for something like this in LO, I found those macro python script, but haven’t got time to touch it. Thank you for pointing that extension link.

Just a discussion. Thank you for listening (reading).

*serious in a sense that it needs to be efficient, for example when handling a lot of data, making plenty of plots, complex data, etc. I’m sure any work is serious enough.

No idea. It’s not me asking the original question. I only described technical possibility of an implementation.

The users define what they request, not the developers. Developers may - or may not - decide to implement some request…

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Thanks, @mikekaganski.