Pyuno extension manager error for foreign dictionary - ubuntu 14.10


I’m using Ubuntu 14.10 and LibreOffice in English and I’m having trouble getting a functioning spell-checker/dictionary for the French language in LO Writer. French language is installed in Ubuntu under System Settings / Language Support. French dictionary works correctly in Firefox. I have tried to install the French dictionary Dicollecte here but I receive the following error when trying to import into the libreoffice extension manager:

( {
{ Message = “python-loader:<class
‘ImportError’>: No module named ‘uno’,
traceback follows\X000aCould not load, no stacktrace available (Error
loading python object raised
an unknown exception (ImportError(“No
module named ‘uno’”,), traceback
follows\X000a))\X000a”, Context
= ( @0 } }

Could anyone point me in the right direction for achieving a functional French spell-checker and orthography tool?

Thanks in advance.

Is your LO from the Ubuntu-repositories?

In the original Packages from Libreoffice the french-dictionaries are still included.

It came pre-installed with ubuntu and I’ve already tried reinstalling from the repositories. I can select the text and choose Tools / Language / For Selection / French so the dictionary appears to be installed. However it seems to be empty as every word is highlighted as being incorrect. Launching the spelling and grammar tool, text language comes up as French yet all the suggestions for corrections are in English…

Purging the current libreoffice installation and python3-uno and reinstalling + fr language pack from here instead of the ubuntu repository seems to have fixed the problem.