Queries: What am I missing?

Hi all,

A while back I created a Base file and was able to run queries successfully. It’s been a while since I initially created it and while it works for data entry I’m having problems getting my queries to work now. Hoping someone can pinpoint my mistake?

So, I am in the Querries area and I select “Create Query in Design View”… To make this easy I bring up 1 column that has 5 entries that are spelled numbers: one, two, three, four, five…

I add the data field containing the numbers and under “Criteria” I type in the following to query the number “two”:

LIKE two*

I then hit the run icon…and the result comes back with all 5 numbers… or everything in the column…instead of only the number two…

Where am I going wrong?

I’m using LO Version: and Windows 7.



Type only “two” under Criteria.

Thanks for the response…

Tried “two” and got the same results…it still retrieves everything for results…

OK…I found something interesting quite by trial and error. Once I add the “Field” and “Table” and type in the criterion I MUST uncheck and then recheck the box to make it “Visible”. The software has auto checked the box but I have to uncheck and reapply the checkmark and it works… I don’t recall having to do that in the past so I am wondering if there is an option someplace that I changed for this to suddenly be happening?

It’s even simpler. When you are done entering the data for your query, click once into any of the empty boxes below, otherwise the last action is lost or forgotten. That is, move the focus to the last clicked empty box. Once the second to last box looses the focus, whatever is set in it is retained.


You proceed quite as it should and the problem you describe is not linked to any option…

The problem may be related to your configuration. This page on the wiki explains how to reset your “user profile”.