Query `Column Format` option missing. (Provides for `Format` and `Alignment`)?

I see Column width & Delete options, but Column Format is missing, i.e. open a query in edit mode, and right click on any field (column).

See: Introduction to LibreOffice Base (LOB) (5): Selection Queries-2: Bottom of page 7

Does anyone know is there a way to turn these on, or are they gone due to an older version?

(These sort of things work in MS Access and I have found them very helpful.)

I’m running Debian x64, LO


Column Format is enabled in the “run view” of the design mode,

But the format you choose is not saved (on re-open).
If you want to save your format you can save your query as a view: Right click the query▸Create As View.


So you enter this design specification by right clicking NOT on the design grid, but rather on the results grid. That seems backwards, and it’s also not the way MS Access does it which doubly confused me. Thanks very much for the help.

To save it do you mean from the main outer menu right click on the a query, and select Create As View? I did this, but still don’t see this formatting being saved. Could you provide more explicit steps to save this formatting? Thanks.

I finally figured this out, but I find this part of LO Base really messed up and confusing, in particular: putting a view in with tables is nuts. When you edit a view it looks like a query, it edits like a query, and runs like a query. Views are not tables. Why would they be put with tables? Sorry for my rant.

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I submitted this as a bug/suggestion here.