Query in a form with multiple joins to one table through aliases is not working correctly

I’m trying to set up a query form in Base that should have 2 joins to the same table as described in This thread.
I tested the SQL in a Query in the .odb file, and it works. If I open the query, the names from the joined personnel table show up correctly. However, in my query form I set the data source to “Query” and select that query, those two fields are blank for all rows. Seems like a bug to me. Why would it work as an independent Query and not as a query form in a form?
Version: (x64)
Build ID: 144abb84a525d8e30c9dbbefa69cbbf2d8d4ae3b
CPU threads: 4; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19042; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: en-US (en_US); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded
Addendum2 (The SQL of the Query):

SELECT `w`.`id`, `e`.`login` `order_received_by`, `r`.`login` `order_reviewed_by`, `w`.`DATERECEIVED`, `w`.`REVDATERECEIVED`, `w`.`CUSTOMERPO`, `w`.`REVCUSTOMEREPO`, `w`.`CONTRACT`, `w`.`REVCONTRACT`, `w`.`QUANTITY`, `w`.`REVQUANTITY`, `w`.`PARTNO`, `w`.`SPECIALINSTRUCTIONS`, `w`.`REVSPECIALINST`, `w`.`NOTES`, `w`.`CUSTOMER_OVERRIDE`, `w`.`REVCUSTOMER_OVERRIDE`, `w`.`SHIPPINGADDRESS_OVERRIDE`, `w`.`REVSHIPPINGADDRESS_OVERRIDE`, `w`.`SHIPPINGADDRESS2_OVERRIDE`, `w`.`REVSHIPPINGADDRESS2_OVERRIDE` FROM `metrology`.`workorders` `w`, `metrology`.`personnel` `e`, `metrology`.`personnel` `r` WHERE `w`.`orderrecby` = `e`.`id` AND `w`.`reviewedby` = `r`.`id`

Some additional info: I tried running the SQL for the query through Tools>SQL…, and the Status said “1: Command successfully executed,” but the Output was empty.

Also, I pared down the fields in the query to just the ones using the join command, and those fields are still showing blank

Did you use the Query in Design view?

You are writing about only two blank fields. Which fields are this and which field types are this.

You could send unmasked queries in the editor by direct SQL. You could do this also through Tools → SQL by choosing “Execute directly” (Is a new function, could be it doesn’t exist in LO

You could choose in forms the possibility to “Analyze SQL-code → no”

Yes, I did. Unfortunately, I did not see your comment until I had already realized that’s what caused the problem.

You’re right. I’m not seeing it here. Fortunately, I have other means of directly executing SQL that I use for troubleshooting.

Aha! I was able to make it work right. Somewhere along the lines, I edited the query and switched between Design Mode and SQL Mode, and Base was kind enough to replace my join statements with where statements. I got them put back, and now the form is doing what I want.

That’s one of two very irritating things Base does to queries when switching between those two modes, the other being the addition of a bunch of unnecessary quote marks that make the statement more difficult to read.