Query instable

Just wondering if anybody has/had a similar issue with Base. I am using version (x64) with the build in HSQLDB database and the graphical interface (so not coding in SQL). I had a query that didn’t gave stable results while the data did not change. Apparently relations between tables and queries kept on changing autonomously. To make it work I made a cascaded query, meaning that I started with a part of the original query and stored that as separate query. Then I used that query in a new query, added more stuff and stored that query as a separate query again. That latest query I used again and new query added stuff and so on. In fact I made the same query as the original unstable one, but in a chopped up way. The final result seems to be stable though. What is going on here?

Hello, Have not seen an instance provides different results if the original data is consistent. The only way to possibly help is to obtain your SQL, table constructs & some example data which creates this “unstable” situation. Please provide this sample in your edited question.

There is STILL a miserable bug in base when a query is edited in GUI mode.

For now every single time you edit a query you must check your relations, and fix one. It’s always only one that gets reversed, i.e. from Left join to Right join or vise versa. It only happens with more than 2 relations are in the query.

I first reported this bug 2 years ago I think.

It appears we’re short on people to fix bugs like this. I’m working on learning C++, and all of the stuff needed to try to fix it. But I expect it will take me another year or two to finally come up to speed enough to find and fix this bug. The LO code is huge, really huge, and mostly no comments in it to say what is going on. … Go figure, programmers think they don’t need comments, because they already knew the code, because they wrote it, … that comments are too much trouble and have this and that downside, … until they die and leave the code for someone else, then it’s a nightmare.

So I think this is what we have to work on. My first goal is to hopefully read, the code, and try to add comments to help with readability, if those in power will allow those types of comment commits.

I mean the most basic comment would be to have something at the top of every file, and every class or function saying what it hopes to do.

Normally, I just ignore this issue, and try to do my part, to make things better as much as I can, but yes, I’m very frustrated with the huge number of unfixed bugs in base.

Wow - fantastic! Looking forward to be able to help you making first steps patching LO! Glad to read that!

Thanks for your elaborate answer. I was already thinking that it would a bug like that. Indeed my ‘chopped up’ queries now have one relation each. The unstable one had quite a few. Maybe I should learn better coding in SQL. I am just a beginner with that.