Query Multiple Fields in Base Form?

I’ve been exploring the feasibility of transferring a database from FileMaker to LibreOffice Base. One of the features that FileMaker has that has been important to the users has been the ability to combine filtering in more than one field into a query, i.e. something like “WHERE field1 = 1 AND field2 = ‘a’”, but through the GUI. How would I go about doing this in a Base form? The standard record search appears to only be able to search a single field or all fields (treating them all the same).


It is a matter of selecting the same filter again.

Turn on Form Base Filter and enter your first selection. The select the same Filter for.. in the Filter navigator and enter the next criteria. Example:

And the result:

image description

Ah, perfect. I was previously only performing finds with the Find Record feature. This is exactly what I’m looking for.