Query on 'paste special' of a DDE link from Calc cells to Writer endnotes.

I am using LO Version: on MacOs 10.13.6 High Sierra

I am working on a large Writer text document with about 300 endnotes (but I tested and found the same issue in one with hardly any text and just one endnote).

I can copy and ‘paste special’ a DDE link from a Calc cell into the body of the Writer text. That works fine. But when I try to do the same thing into a Writer text endnote LO immediately crashes with the message ‘Due to an error LibreOffice crashed. All the files you were working on will now be saved… etc.’

I have searched and been unable to find the answer/s to my questions below;
1 is using ‘paste special’ of a DDE link into an endnote not enabled, or is it a bug?
2 if it is not enabled/allowed, can LO be enhanced to enable it?

Such functionality would be useful (to me, possibly others). Many of the 300 endnotes in my text cross reference to each other. So, for example, Endnote 1 might say ‘see also Endnote 10’. If, through further work on the text, a new endnote is inserted between 1-10 Endnote 1 should now say ‘see also Endnote 11’.

I have created a Calc spreadsheet (‘note manager’) - it facilitates endnote renumbering (say, if a new endnote is inserted) and endnote cross referencing (as endnote numbers change). If I could use ‘paste special’ to insert a DDE link from the spreadsheet into those endnotes in the Writer text that refer out to other endnotes I would not have to continually update the cross references manually.
Thanks in advance for any ideas, comments or suggestions.

Writer ships with a powerful cross-reference feature.

The solution to your problem (which should have been explicitly described as such – many new visitors come to this site asking to debug a complex track they designed instead of asking for their basic problem which usually has a very simple and elegant solution) is to cross-reference your note with:

  1. Insert>Cross-reference
  2. in Type list, select Endnotes
  3. in Selection, choose your target note
  4. in Refer using, click on *Referenced text
    I know, *Referenced text" is ambiguous. But in the case of a note, it does not return note text (which could be very large), but only the note number
  5. Insert

Ah! A last word of warning: this cross-reference is guaranteed to work only if the document is saved .odt.

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The crash is an own bug, of course. But the root of the issue is tdf#76007: you can’t insert tables into footnotes / endnotes.

Filed tdf#158794 for the crash.