Question about Intuit Quickbook Online exported files

I am new to LibreOffice, and just seeking help here is a trial (e.g. I can’t make head-or-tail of “tags” to submit this question). I hope this reaches the appropriate eyes.
I’m happy to move away from MS Excel, since they want to “rent” me their software.
My problem is this: in my former routine, I would export spreadsheet-format reports from Intuit Quickbooks Online. Then I would open the report in Excel and edit/format it.
When I try to do this with LibreOffice, the QB-export-file opens looking very nice but all the numbers are suddenly zeroes. (It makes me think Intuit owns Microsoft or Microsoft owns Intuit, and they want to trap/keep their spreadsheet customers…)
Is there a way to open QB export files with the data intact?

A quick look on Quickbooks site has this comment in a question:
I have determined that the issue is with the current version of LibreOffice Calc. This can be resolved by performing the hard recalculate in LibreOffice Calc.

It would be nice to think it would be as simple as Ctrl+Shift+F9 but I suspect otherwise from the rest of the comments in my search.

A work-around path may be to check, if csv-export is available. This should be possible with installed quicken on Windows, but I don’t see it mentioned for “Quicken online”.

Likely Quickbook exports only the formulas without writing also the results to file (or all 0), hence they need to be recalculated. If you attached a sample file to your question we could tell.