Question about typing accent marks?

I need to find out why libre office wont recognize windows 10 default key combo for entering accent marks in spanish. I can do CRLT + ` + vowel in other apps and it works, but not on libreoffice I dont want to have to add or change the keyboard if I dont need to. I figure the only way to add it is to change the keyboard in windows settings. How can I do it without out setting the keyboard to spanish or using the insert option.

Try the US International layout.

P. S. Your question has nothing to do with LibreOffice and should have been asked at a Windows forum.

An old method is using Alt and the numeric keyboard:

  • á: Alt+160 - Á: Alt+181
  • é: Alt+130 - É: Alt+144
  • í: Alt+161 - Í: Alt+214
  • ó: Alt+162 - Ó: Alt+224
  • ú: Alt+163 - Ú: Alt+233
  • ü: Alt+129 - Ü: Alt+154
  • ñ: Alt+164 - Ñ: Alt+165

Alternatively, you can first type in a hexadecimal Unicode code (such as 00d1 for Ñ) and then press Alt + X (and if you don’t know a code, just hit Alt + X when the cursor is next to a letter, the keyboard shortcut is kind of toggle). Anyway, this is good for occasional use, not for mass typing.

His question was not about Windows.

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