Question Can LibO display a calc cell using a wrapped date&time?

I have recently been using OpenOffice and do not understand the full range of date/time formatting options available.

Is it possible to take a value such as “2017-09-18 15:45” to display the two pieces of the value stacked inside a Calc cell?

I’ve tried a few things to no avail.

Note: Open Office will display the date as a wrapped value and I have made extensive use of that capability for some time. However, OO is causing heartache due to its antiquated method of managing pending changes.



Just a friendly hint:

using -- just below a paragraph makes that paragraph a header with huge bold font, which creates an impression of shouting. Please use an extra newline before the -- (as actually is required by mail standards btw).

Thank you for coming here and trying to make LO better!

Seems it works aligned as ‘Justified’ or ‘Distributed’

I did not want to resize the column containing the date&time value because I had too much screen width already reserved for the data entry fields I needed. Most rows are taller than a single line of text which allows me to see the relevant fields without scrolling sideways if I can wrap the date&time value within a cell. I could separate the date from the time, but that causes other problems as the two need to be attached in some way as they represent a single time during a year.


Sorry, I do not know what ‘Justified’ means.

I am guessing that ‘Distributed’ is the characters spread out over the width of a cell. I hope this means that I can break the date & time to show as a date in the upper part of a Calc cell and the time in the lower part of the same cell.

If I am did not understand your meaning correctly, please clarify.

I need to understand how I construct a format mask for the value and what attributes to attach to the format mask in the cell.

Thanks for a quick reply.


Hello @DanAdmin,

And welcome to LibreOffice!

the “Justified” button is just after the “Left”, “Centered”, and “Right” -alignment buttons ( see screenshot ).
image description
Custom NumberFormat and Wrap are not necessary for this, just resize your cell width/height so that the 2 lines are visible.

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