Question regarding file dialogues

I upgraded to from I think 3.5.5 but found that a very useful program that I use Listary ( no longer works and the developer cannot replicate the problem.
It seems to me that when using ‘Save As’ and other similar dialogues that LibreOffice has changed the navigation method. I noticed that now a list of the upstream folders appears when I hover and left click over the ‘Up one folder’ icon. This does make navigation easier but is not as easy as using Listary.
I appreciate that this for LibreOffice is an improvement but if you can point me to where I can find out how the ‘Save As’ system has cahnged I can then inform the developer and he may be able to upgrade his program.
Any advice appreciated.


It appears that you have somehow changed from the Windows standard dialogs to LibreOffice’s own dialogs.

To change back go to Tools, Options, LibreOffice, General and uncheck the option under Open/Save dialogs: Use LibreOffice dialogs.

Many thanks, I have no knowledge of how this happened but the the problem is now solved and I am very grateful.

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