question vanished? - 'Sorry, this content is no longer available'

happy new year to all :slight_smile: - in times of corona :frowning:

i got a notification about a edited question, wanted to look there, clicked on the link, and got a yellow topline:

‘Sorry, this content is no longer available’

i assume the questioneer (accidentally?) deleted the question, but would that delete comments and answers too?

i can see the question in the profile of the user, ‘THE BookMan’s profile - overview’, the link there is:

but results in the same yellow topline: ‘Sorry, this content is no longer available’

how come?

add.: disadvantage: now i have a notification sign / alert, the red envelope near my username, and can’t get rid of it as i cannot visit the question - the link … that shrinks my ‘comfort’ working with ‘ask’ … :frowning:


deleting a question means that everything (question, comments and answers) is gone. Every user having required permission (karma) could delete a question, regardless of doing so by intention or by a mistake.

You should be able to delete the notification from your inbox using link Profile - newbie-02 - Ask LibreOffice.

The only action I’m aware of, which permanently creates an unerasable entry, is to use the Follow button within a question and OP deletes the question before you could use the Unfollow button.

hi, :slight_smile:

@anon73440385 and @ajlittoz:


that: ‘Deleting an answer removes … a question removes all answers and comments.’ imho should be reconsidered, when an answerer has made an effort with his answer, php. worked out something ‘good’, and he and others assume that this content will continue to be available, then no one should be able to take this content away without asking, neither intentionally nor accidentally,

either: make deletion of questions impossible (but would also make edits more difficult … ???) or make it dependent of a mods confirmation? or keep answers and comments from other people, or at least ask ‘answerers’ and ‘commenters’ if their content can also be deleted and / or send it to them for reference,

just a newbie’s sight on things …

‘retagging’ - looks as if @floris v was faster, thanks,

‘marking seen’ worked as proposed,

‘idiosyncrasies’ sch/could be shortened (to 5 letters) (idios), rounded up (y>=n → ‘s’ → ‘t’) → idiot(ic) :wink:

This is one of the idiosyncrasies of this site engine.

When someone deletes content with active notifications (i.e. other contributors have answered or commented it), alert is sent to linked contributors just the same as when content is update. It is indeed an update, even if this is a removal update.

You get the previous content in your notification log. But if you click on the question/answer link to read the present content, you can’t because it was deleted. And the notification doesn’t get automatically cleared because you haven’t read the new content. And this can’t be done because it is no longer there. The notification remains in your log and the envelope icon remains red.

Deleting an answer removes comments attached to it.

Deleting a question removes all answers and comments.

You can clear the condition:

  • open your user profile and go to the Notifications tab
  • tick the check box at left of “Xyz edited question/answer (h hours ago)”
  • click on mark seen or delete link at top of the page

Many newcomers don’t realise that deleting content they deem no longer relevant or they regret to have asked causes trouble to people who took time to comment/answer the question.

PS: your question is about the AskLO site (meta tag); please, remove common tag. Also, AskLO is formally not a forum, remove also forum (and maybe ask because it is not specific enough).

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