Questions about Find And Replace

Im using

Ques 1
In a spreadsheet, when I search for text using Find, the found text is not highlighted, just the cell. Makes it difficult to find the text if there are many lines in the cell.

Can I ask Libre Office to highlight found text?

Ques 2
I sometimes want to find and replace text manually, one at a time. Other software I have used offers a Replace then Find button, but not Libre Office. You have to press Replace, then press Find.

Is Replace then Find available somewhere in Libre Office?

Ans 1: No.

Ans 2: First hit the Find Next button, then Replace; after the replacement the cell cursor jumps to the next found cell, if any.

About Ans 1: I cannot find that there ever was an enhancement request filed. I don’t want to create any duplicate in the bug tracker. Such a feature would be really great, as I encounter text walls in the spreadsheet cells with quite some regularity, but I guess this would be a rather difficult enhancement.

I understand with LO Ans 1 still is “No”?

Thanks for the answers.