Questions regarding spreadsheet and impress

Hello :slight_smile: i am new to libreoffice and have a couple of questions.

  1. Does the impress slide show program have the ability to colorize photos (or whatever image i add), add effects such as turning the picture into a circle, adding a shadow etc? DOes it also have a “designer” helper? IE, i add an image to the slide and it shows 5 or 6 design ideas for that slide?

  2. Does the spreadsheet have a decent non linear solver like frontline systems solver?

thank you :slight_smile:

windows 10, libreoffice

Welcome @Lt728841,
You can start reading in the help pages, then come back, edit your question (… icon and the pencil), and add more info to it (at least LibreOffice version and operating system). Thanks.

  1. Welcome to the LibreOffice Impress Help
  2. Solver

Next time: one topic, one question. It is easy to follow this way.