Quickbooks Export not working

I exported a P&L Report from my Quickbooks to import into LibreOffice. However, when I open the file in LibreOffice, all the cells display as “0” …if you click on one of these cells, you can see in the bar at the top that the number is actually there, except that an equal sign has been appended to the beginning of the number. When I delete the equal sign, the number shows up just fine. Please see attached screen shot for an example.

Any suggestions on how to get the numbers to actually show up? I could go thru and delete every single equal sign; however, I would prefer to watch paint dry as that would be slightly less tedious.

Thank you.

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.55.17 PM.png

I exported a P&L Report from my Quickbooks

… to which document format? And how do you import? And the equal sign seem to be part of the export and not being added by LibreOffice during import.

I have the same issue on LO for Mac (OSX 10.15.7). Weirdly, a co-worker that uses Excel sent me the same report and LibreOffice displays the cell contents correctly, even though both spreadsheets appear the same.

A workaround: search and replace all equals signs characters (=) with nothing. This will cause all the data to appear, but also break all formulas. Close out of the search dialog and undo the changes (Edit → Undo). This restores all the equals signs but the data now display. Strange.

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Building on @JeffUser’s astute observation: You can do a Search and Replace (Ctrl-H usually), search for =, replace with =, and click Replace All. This ‘refreshes’ the calculations in each cell and doesn’t break any other formulas.

An even quicker solution: Ctrl-Shift-F9 forces recalculation of all formulas.

The source of the problem, I think, lies in the way Quickbooks creates the file. QB apparently assumes that it doesn’t need to set the values in each cell because the spreadsheet will automatically recalculate from scratch upon opening. (Presumably Excel does this reliably, while LibreOffice figures the cells arrive with cells already correctly calculated and doesn’t waste time on it.)

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I also have this problem importing from QuickBooks. I’m running on MacOS Catalina.

Strangely, shift splat F9 doesn’t work, but Data / Calculate / Recalculate Hard does work. Thanks!\

If you frequently have to recalculate on opening, then you might consider changing your Calc settings. In Tools > Options > LibreOffice Calc > Formula under Recalculation on File Load change the option to Always recalculate for Excel 2007 and newer, assuming that QuickBooks is exporting in that format.