Quickest way to count table rows?

Hi, can anyone think of a quick way to count table rows in LO, other than by simply using one’s eyes to count?
Is there some way to highlight a selection of rows, then have LO give details on how many were selected?

Using one’s eyes is fine, but seems unnecessarily tedious, particularly when considering the functionality of LO.


EDIT: ebot’s answer below pertains to LO Calc. In Writer, the same method is used to count table rows: the Status Bar (see ebot’s comment at bottom of page).

Turn on your status bar. Menu View>Status Bar.

@Hrbrgr It appears the question relates to a table in Writer and not Calc.

@Ratslinger Oh, yes. From the fictitious table I have closed on Calc.But it also happens again and again that users use the wrong tools.

In Writer, for marked rows in the status bar, e.g. Table1: A1: D11 displayed. That should be enough for an overview.