Quicklook Support for OTT (& WPD) Files

My employer recently switched to Mac after years as a Windows user. One of his biggest reservations regarding the switch was the fact that all of his business templates were created and stored as WordPerfect .wpd files. Much to his delight (and my own as his tech troubleshooter), LibreOffice does a fantastic job at handling WordPerfect files.

However, one trade off that has occurred is the loss of the ability to preview his files before opening them. On Windows, his file explorer (DirectoryOpus) was able to render previews for all his business documents without issue. On Mac, the quicklook generator bundled with LibreOffice is able to render previews for OpenDocument text files and WordPerfect template files, but only displays a pop-over with a generic icon for OpenDocument template files and WordPerfect document files.

This mix of quicklook/preview pane support makes approximately half our documents unable to be viewed without having to open them in LibreOffice, which is a productivity/workflow hindrance.

I tried to submit a feature request on Bugzilla, but the form was a little to complex to try to figure out while on the clock. However, I did find a related bug report (https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35361), which was reported back in 2011 and appears to still be pending resolution.

Hopefully this gets resolved at some point, but in the mean time, does anyone know of any other way to get file previews working for these file types?