Quickstarter minimised to taskbar becomes template manager

I use Libre Office 4.0.2 in Windows 8.
I have enabled Quickstarter to be loaded at startup.
The Quickstart UI pops up when the Desktop icon is double clicked.
But the Quickstarter UI never occurs when the Quickstarter icon on the Taskbar is chosen, using left click. The Template Manager pops up instead of the Quickstarter UI that gives Libre Office application choices. The Template Manager makes no sense at this point.
When the Taskbar Icon is right clicked, the choices between applications and obtaining files, become available, but does not look like the standard Quickstarter UI.
The Template Manager should not appear at all at this stage, or it must be chosen in some way in the Options.

What you are experiencing is documented in FDO#60937. Whether this behaviour is a bug or a new feature, is currently being debated. There has long been a desire to remove the quickstarter facility altogether or at least alter the behaviour. Further details can be found in FDO#35568, FDO#41229, and FDO#46507.