Qureis in Base - How can I get a promt for a sort value?

I am in the process of converting a largish Access database to work with Libre office and quite a few of the queries I use involve the user entering a value (usually the year) when the query is run to produce reports. In Access one just paces the text for the prompt into the criterion field and data can be entered at the prompt to complete the query.

how does one do this in Base?

Hi @Wheels5894, Did you find an answer to your question? I hope that you got everything convert from Access → Base without too much trouble. Could you please give us an update and either mark a question as correct or post your own answer describing what you did to deal with this issue? Thanks!

I solved a similar problem by creating a “BillingManager” table that has one record of billing report parameters. My query then uses the begin and end dates on the parameter record to select records to include on the billing. The only issue with this is that you have to remember to update the parameter table before running the query.

The next link have information about using parameters in a query: