Random Cell backgroud color after conversion from Lotus123

Hello, I found LibreOffice in hopes of my boss no longer needing virtual Windows on his Mac to open Lotus123 files. The files open fine, and the formulas seem to work ok so far, but some cells have a green background color. I can’t find a pattern, some are cells with formulas, but some are just cells with text in them. The original Lotus123 files do not have any background colors or shading. Looking to see if there is an easy way to just turn all cells back to white? Thanks

To be able to examine your file exactly, it would be advisable to upload the file (possibly shortened and anonymized) here.

Many factors can play a role, such as direct formatting or errors in translation, etc.

Usually, cells are exposed to so-called cell styles.

For white, this is the Standard cell style.

Cell styles in Calc

English documentation

If you are migrating permanently to LibreOffice, you should save your files for Calc only in ODS format.

I hope you are concerned about security and only work with copies of your file.
This is still important. Always make a backup again in small intermediate steps.

Note that it would be really nice if you created a bug report with a sample 123 document exhibiting the weird behavior. Without such a report, the problem will not be known to developers, and will go unfixed from version to version, so you (and others) will continue using workarounds, instead of having the properly fixed import.

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Select the entire sheet (upper left next to column A and above row 1) then go to Format-Cells select Background and then None and click OK.