Random cells are not following the decimal place formatting.

Cell N40 and N41 use the same formula, same conditional formatting, and same cell formatting only difference is the cell reference in the formula which is the respective row. But, as you can see in Fig. 1-2 cell 41 shows two decimal places, but I can’t figure out why that would be, it should be zero decimal places.

Fig. 1-1 (Cell N40 Formula and view)

Fig. 1-2 (Cell N41 Formula and View)

Fig. 1-3 (Cell Formatting)

Fig. 1-4 (Conditional Formatting)

Please provide a sample spreadsheet. Screenshots are useless when someone tries to look deeper.

Anyway, your row 41 shows that your cells N41 and R41 use different decimal separators; so likely your lookup range just has a mix of numbers an texts looking like numbers.

Create a dedicated style and apply as necessary.

@epsonalex2002, May be manual formating in one cell and not in other. Fig. 1-3 is from Cell N40 or N41? Have you found out what the problem was? If not, share the file by deleting all sensible data.

@mikekaganski, The comma in column R seems to me to be a hundred separator.