Raw data visualised in table

Libreoffice automitcally changes values in my table. E.g.
Libreoffice automatically changes 2.000 to 2
I dont want this. I figured out that I can “edit” this filter by using “right click → number format”, but I have not found an option to remove the filter. How to turn this off?

There’s no “Filter”, and there’s no “raw data” in spreadsheet that you are thinking about.

Spreadsheet is used to input and process data that might be numerical, textual, date/time, etc. Spreadsheet detects what is being input based on some settings, e.g. cell format. By default, all cells have “Number” format, so LibreOffice takes any input from user, tries to convert to number, and if successful, stores that number, and discards the text that user had entered. Then it uses cell format to output the numerical value back.

If you need some cells to have text instead of numbers, even though the text looks like number, then just set those cells’ format to “Text”. But then the “numbers” there would not be usable in calculations… or you may adjust conversion from text to number using Tools-Options-LibreOffice Calc-Formula-Custom Detailed Calculation Settings. But that will make calculations long.

Anyway, you seem to miss the very idea behind the spreadsheets, so be prepared to suboptimal results when misusing software designed to be used differently.

EDIT: I re-read your question, and start to think that you were talking about Writer, not about Calc. Unfortunately, you missed that in your text, as well as in tags, that’s why I made my mistake.

If that’s about tables in Writer, then you just need to uncheck the Number Recognition in Table menu.