RE: Can not move, minimize, resize, maximize LO file windows. 22days ago

Nearly, but not quite, identical problem as described below happened again after windows update. Again, successfully treated with new ‘/user’ profile. Any suggestions to stop the re-occurence of problem as Windows continues to alter my computer? (Thanks again for the successful fix).

Since the latest windows 10 Home update (version 20H2 OS build 1902.1415) I have not been able to move, resize, minimize or maximize windows containing LO files. I have upgraded from LO 6.3.? to 7.1.8 with no change. The image with the red circle is the typical window we all know and love. With any save or any access to an existing document I get windows shown in the image without the circle. It shows only the X to close the window.
If I create a new document from within LO the window is normal (minimize, resize, close) but if I save it I lose the minimize and resize buttons.
I am not sure if I can attach any file that would help since it seems to be a problem interacting with my OS and not a stand alone LO problem. Any suggestions?

libre office typical
libre office saved

[Edit - added images Al]

Umm…there is no image.

BigRAl, I didn’t think it was worth re-posting the image. The original can be seen ( I hope) by searching on the post title or a meaningful part of it. Basically the documents open without the ‘minimize’ or ‘full size/resize’ icons in the upper right of the window. The open window can not be moved, resized or otherwise manipulated. The second time windows looked a little different but functionally it was the same. User profiles from each instance were saved if your interested.

It might be worth having a look at this external site I found in a search, FIX: Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons missing [Chrome, Windows]

It might just be you’re in tablet mode or it might be something to do with your graphics card.

Re graphics drivers, my Acer laptop said I had the most up to date driver available. After a search on the Acer website I found a slightly more up to date driver. After installing that, I could update the driver to the latest Intel driver and that solved one graphics problem. The moral of the story is that computer manufacturers find it easier to let you struggle with out dated drivers than risk unlikely issues by updating

The best solution would be for microsoft to keep their tentacles out of my computer and let me use the software I chose without interference.