Re-creating windows search filters

Hello all,

on a couple of Windows 7 systems I had installed a component from IFilterShop - IFilters and custom components for Microsoft Search products and services: SharePoint, WSS, Search Server, SQL Server, Exchange to have windows search indexing for opendocument files. Unfortunately this never worked as promised. In fact, it seemed to index only some file properties and not the actual content of each file. At the time I considered this a limitation.

Some days ago, after making a new installation of LibO 3.5.2 I happened to see that now Windows search could index also the content of odf files by using c:\program files\libreoffice 3.5\program\shlxthdl\ooofilt.dll

With these good news, I went back to my 2 win7 boxes, uninstalled the so-called standalone Staroffice/openoffice ifilter and even uninstalled/re-installed Libreoffice. Now’s the strange part. On one of the system everything went fine, in windows search odf files got associated with ooofilt.dll for indexing. However, on the other system nothing happened! In indexing properties of windows search and for all ODF files it is stated that “No associated IFilter exists”. Any ideas on what can be done to repair this?

Okay, seems like I was eager to open a case here without searching: this has been reported at

There is also an open bug report for 3.5.x as Bug 47805. A workaround, as presented by the bug reporter is the following:

Manually registering the following
dlls (win admin rights) solves the
problem: regsvr32 “C:\Program Files
3.5\program\shlxthdl\ooofilt_x64.dll” regsvr32 “C:\Program Files

This is a bug, that will be resolved at 3.5.1. See