Re-link audio files after changing folder

I have audio files in my Impress presentation (Version: on Ubuntu

I use one presentation as a template to quickly create new presentations. And I need to make the other presentations in unique folders.

So my problem is : since I have audio files in the template, the audio in the copies don’t work in their respective folders.

Is there a way to “re-link” the audio files in a presentation after it has been moved in a different folder? (I’m aware I can copy the original audio files into the different folders, I’m just looking for alternative methods).

(Also, it may or may not change the answer, but to add the audio files, I simply drag-dropped them from the folder into the presentation).

Many thanks in advance for your time.

In general, if you’re planning on moving a file with linked objects then the linked objects should be in a subfolder of the folder that the file is in. That way you can create relative links