Read-Error. Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at 2,34352(row,col). What to do? Someone explain simply? STILL NEEDS ANSWERING. URGENT!

I am trying to open a Libre Office Calc spreadsheet and this keeps popping up. I have googled it, but simply do not understand what i have to do, I am far from a computer whizz. Could someone, in Lehmann’s terms, explain if it is fixable and what I have to do?



I still need help with this?

Is it always with the same file and not with other files ?

It has happened to a few spreadsheets in the past, but I didn’t really care, but this one that has crashed I would like to work again?

Basically the same question.

I know, but some of that jargon means nothing to me. Could you explain it more simply?

“Open the file in an editor and go to the place mentioned in the error message. If you are lucky you will detect the error, for example a duplicate attribute.” Half of that means nothing to me.

“I know, but some of that jargon …” The matter is “technical” unavoidably. No useless jargon implied.

“container”: The ods-file containing inner files of which content.xml is the relevant one in the context.

Did you also read Anna Burchardt’s additional questions and Regina’s answers to them in that thread?

We cannot do surgery without studying anatomy a bit. We also will need tools. “7-Zip” and “Notepad++” may help in your case.

I understand it’s needed but I simply don’t know what half these words mean. If you tell me what to click and do, I will tell you what you need to know.

Sorry! Exactly localising the error may require some effort without success guaranteed. Surely I cannot tell you how to do it the way you expext. Hope someone else can tell you with a few words how to fly that plane.

What version of LibreOffice? What program created the spreadsheet?