Read Error message

I am running LibreOffice (x64) on Windows 10. I have searched the data base and am unable to find a solution that works for me. I do have the box checked at Tools>Options>LibreOffice Writer>View>Display>Images and Objects.

I use Insert>Image, then insert from files on my hard drive. I can see the image initially. I resize and compress it, the save the document. Then at some later time, the image disappears and I get the “Read Error” message.

This is a journal, years old, that I recently copy/pasted from Word. The older images seem to be fine, but any newer ones that I try to insert give me the Read Error message.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Duplicate of Image "Read Error"

Getting no answer in such a case may indicate that
-1- nobody ever experienced the issue.
-2- users probably knowing about it did not recognize it based on the given information,

In the first case the cause of such a strange, unknown error may be user profile corruption. See LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki for additional information.

This may have solved the problem. I opened the document in safe mode, added some images, saved, closed the document. So far, the images seem to be stable.