Read files whit Swedish charset with OOBasic

I must read, via stream, a files that contains names of logicians, for example Lennart Åqvist.
I have tried some charsets such as ISO-8859-9-Windows-Latin-5, ISO-8859-1, ISO-10646-Unicode-Latin1, TF16 … with no true result.
What is the correct charset?


If it’s not UTF-8 (nor UTF-7 or other UTF-…) then try if Code page 865 (Nordic languages) works. CP865 or IBM865 or IBMPC_865 or whatever it might be called; in the LibreOffice UI it’s “Western Europe (DOS/OS2-865/Nordic)”, programmatically RTL_TEXTENCODING_IBM_865 with value 8. (you didn’t say where or with what you want to read such stream).

Thank erAck

I tried IBM865 and it works.

I need to read “europeann extra” characters in order to implement my Context index generator for libreOffice documents, see on my site.

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Giovanni Rossati