Read Only! go away! HOW?

Read only. Please go away.
Opened a document this morning and can’t add anything to it. Modifications will not be accepted or something like that. VERY frustrating! At bottom of screen, tiny letters that say “read only”
I’ve tried for an hour to open a document or start a new document and be able to write something. NADA! HELP.

How did you open it? Mail attachment? If so, first save it, then you can open and edit the saved file.

Stay civil and try to post relevant information. That’s the only way to get us to help you - for how can we help you if we don’t know what’s going on?

Stay civil? Dearest Poppet, tell me what in the “ask for help” was not civil? Anyhoo, Darling, I shut down my computer, came back after a 45 minute workout and voila! the problemo is gone.

Down-voted, for cheeky and insulting attitude.

Probably, computer in an unreliable state because waiting for restart after Windows update. I have spent more time constantly rebooting computer than working recently.

Big Thank you Earnest Al! Cheeky me. LOL!