read text with pico

I found that read-text extension is better with python+pico than with espeak.
But I cannot set properly pico:

1 bug: “–visible=false”

But with python+pico I cannot set, for example

"(PICO_READ_TEXT_PY)" --language=(SELECTION_LANGUAGE_COUNTRY_CODE) --visible=false "(TMP)"

lest I get a window of VLC freezing (infinite loop without sound, and so I have to kill that task); in other words the code


is not working: I see a window; yes: a crazy window

2 bug

When I set pico as following:


I get a window of mplayer, which correctly play the word selected, but

  • I cannot set the volume at all
  • I see that window: how can avoid a visible window (as in read-text → espeak)?