Read - write lock .PPSX


I have document in .PPSX format.
It’s +300pages.
The problem is it’s always in presentation mode:

Now, when I want to look at all slides, I have to do ALT + TAB

(While Mlcrosoft Oflce doesn’t see it like 2 files)

So, when I switch to “Normal”

I have to press ESC for slides to show up.
I understand that author wanted to protect the file as r-w but…
I just want to search all slides for some terms but it doesn’t allow,
when I press CTRL + F, It doesn’t Search at all…

I use Libre

Apparently, this is not a question for Writer, the document application, but for Impress, the presentation app. So please, replace tag writer by impress so as to reach the skilled people.